Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bakery Dreaming

I LOVE baking and cupcakes are one of the most fun things to whip up...I have quite the collection of sprinkles. While browsing typefaces on Veer, I came across the one below; "cocktail shaker" and something about it just screamed 'cupcake' to me. This lead to searching for cute panda illustrations...and then to cupcake pictures...and then...not that I would ever actually open up a bakery, but if I were, it would be called Marzipanda's honor of my kitty cat, Marzipanda. I would love for it to have a 1940's Asian theme and mix it up with retro Southern California feel

Not that a tiny fridge and dishwasher would actually work in a commercial bakery...but I absolutely love the retro feel of these appliances from Big Chill...maybe they would work just perfect in my humble domestic kitchen :)

The original Marzipanda herself


Jo and Li said...

Great post!!! Love that fridge. Our office is getting one similar to that, and I'm so excited!!!:)

David said...

Oh Hun Bun I think that cat has had too many cupcakes :)