Saturday, January 30, 2010

Business Cards

I attended a great little local event the other day with the goal of 'networking' (which I'm terrible at) and decided a few business cards were necessary. I'm currently working with my lovely friend Chelsea of Arugula Press to have some letter press ones done up; but they wouldn't have been ready in time for this event; so I decided to try a DIY version that I spotted over at Mint.

I found this great laser cut 'ribbon' tape at Michaels; and everything can be made better with a bit of glitter! In the end; the cards that worked out the best were the ones that I dipped the edges in a copper stamp pad rather then the glitter. It ended up being a bit to heavy with all the glue and glitter around the edge!

It was really simple to print them out at home thanks to the Office Max business card sheets.

and...the finished project!

If you're looking for more DIY business card ideas, check out the post that Ellie from Mint did over at Pitch; lots of great ideas! Or, she has a version available in her shop!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Project Plans

We picked up a pair of vintage side tables at a garage sale in NE Portland a while ago and I am just beginning to settle on paint colors for them. I want to do a glossy, sleek navy accented with gray and yellow. I'm not sure that I want to do any yellow paint; or if I want the knobs to be yellow. Or I could do a yellow accent and a more traditional knob...decisions decisions! I'll post pics when the project is done!

Above: potential color options. Below: traditional knob from Restoration Hardware

Both below from Anthropologie

The only bit that I'm doubting is if it is too preppy...but is that necessarily a bad thing??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DIY Chevron

Just spotted this great DIY project that is perfect for renters who aren't allowed to paint (me!) over at Sabbe Interior Design. Click here for full project steps and more pictures!

Do you think I should do it? Perhaps gray and ivory?

Monday, January 11, 2010

inspiration from the barre

I'm not sure what piece of this film that I love the most, the feeling of awe you get when you witness history in the making, the haunting music, the transparent ghost-like quality of the film...whatever it is, I find myself returning to this footage of Anna Pavlova dancing in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and each time I draw inspiration. I love that it is one of the first things ever to have been filmed; the weight of that history is enchanting...and I haven't even mentioned the achingly beautiful storyline of the ballet! Perhaps it's my love of all things ballet, or my love of old film; either way, I'm certainly not the only one who has drawn from this genre before!

When I walked into Target the other day and saw these amazing romantic-ballet inspired pieces by Rodarte, my jaw dropped. I can't decide which one I want!!

Above, from a Vogue shoot.
Below, even American Apparel is getting in on the fun!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bright Colors!

Happy New Year! Thought I'd start things for 2010 off bright and happy. This post is a bit of a deviation from what I normally am drawn to design-wise but after a wonderful chat with my lovely sister-in-law from Iowa; she inspired me to pump up the color a bit! She is currently in the process of remodeling a turn-of-the-century house out on the prairie. Despite the long, cold winters in Iowa, they love bright Caribbean-inspired decor. This burst of sunshine is for all of you who have a bit of Puerto Rican running through your Scandinavian veins. :)

Above: I think I heard a mention that new plates were needed on the Iowa Prairie...this new Lemongrass color from Fiestaware paired with deep plumb would be just lovely!

Beautiful and bright!

All the pink could be a bit much for the hubby; but the girls sure would love it!

Bold staircase and fun textiles!

I love the dark wall paired with the bright patchwork; almost gives it a gypsy feel! So pretty!

Friday, January 1, 2010


So, for the last three years we have not lived in an apartment/house with carpeting. I love love love hardwood floors; but have yet to invest in a good rug for them. We do have a small runner in our entry way; but beyond that it is all bare hardwoods. This is beautiful; but man can it get cold!! I've decided I want a hide rug of some sort; whether horse, goat, or cow; I love how versatile they can be! It can add a bit of edge to a traditional room or a bit of warmth to a modern room. Such a beautiful; timeless investment!

Above, Williams Sonoma Home. Below, both, Ikea.

photo by Kim Christie

found via WillowDecor