Sunday, June 13, 2010

new adventure!

I've shot some really lovely family pictures over the past couple of weekends...I look forward to sharing them with you all soon! However; tonight I'm anxious because I begin training to run a half marathon tomorrow. I've done this before...but chickened out three weeks before the race. I really hope I can do it this time!! I love running; but I've had a tough time breaking that 7 mile mark...wish me luck! I'll keep you updated from time to time on how it's going :)

I've also been thinking about trying to branch out this summer with beginning to bake again. I found out a few months ago that I can't tolorate gluten; so I haven't baked anything since because I've been afraid that it just won't taste as good or be as easy. So much of what I love about baking is the tradition of it; feeling like I'm tied to all the generations before me that baked for their friends/family using the exact same methods and ingredients. But, now I can't have gluten, so it won't be very traditional...luckily a lot of recipes can be modified. Again...wish me luck!!

So here's to a summer of learning to bake gluten free and getting ready for a race in the fall! I don't know what it is about the sunshine and long days in the summer; but I always seem to make resolutions this time of the year; not at New be continued!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

textile craft

I am really growing to love textiles in craft. These stitched works of art are particularly lovely to me this evening. Even though it's the first of June here in Oregon; it feels like November! Cold, rainy, and no sunshine in site for days to come...I even made myself a baked potato for dinner! These images from Emily Eibel have just the right bit of cozy for this evening.

This one (above) reminds me of a certain hike with a "cougar" encounter underneath some power'll have to ask DB or I about it someday. Below is such a great representation of Portland...the evergreens, the beard, the pug...

I think this one (above) is my favorite! Such lovely colors...and so peaceful...

I wonder if Emily was a contributing artist on this Bright Eyes video?? There is certainly some shared bits of inspiration! Whoever did it sure is full of lovely textile talent!!