Friday, February 12, 2010


I have been jonesing for a nice wool blanket for a few months now...and I'm beginning to wonder how I've lived in Oregon for as long as I have without yet purchasing a Pendleton Blanket! I love the history and tradition behind the National Parks series of blankets. Check out this great pre-war ad!

Above is an example of the Glacier National Park blanket; still the same design; almost 70 years later.

Above is a rare example of the 1928 Rainer Park blanket; wish this was still in production!

Beyond the National Park blankets, Pendleton also has a great selection of classic cabin-y throws. There are so many to choose from!

This is such a great houndstooth blanket; I love traditional menswear fabrics in textiles

And, I know, I know it's like I just can't get enough of The Ace; but they have such great Northwest design and I just can't help but mention their awesome collaboration with Pendleton and the resulting blankets on all the beds...

I think this one is my favorite :) You can buy them from the front desk.
Image found via Selectism

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Whitney Smith Pottery

I absolutely LOVE this Whitney Smith Pottery! Everything about it is just lovely, simple, and sweet. I have a minor obsession with cake stands and I think I just may need to add to my collection soon!

This is a mini-white pomegranate...a pomegranate! how cool is that?!

These nesting bowls are so lovely, and who couldn't use a cupcake stand with a lovely lid?

I just love the clean white, simple lines, and modern bird. So lovely!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I've been spotting succulents and terrariums all over the place lately! I have a mini-terrarium project in the works, but I just couldn't wait to share some the inspiration I've pulled together! Just the other day over at Poppytalk; there was a great post on Succulent bouquets inspired by Flora Grubb.

Be sure to check out their great DIY Project right here.

below, Via Biscuits and Jam

below, Via Greenbriar

I've always loved the terrariums on display at The Ace here in Portland. After a bit of research via the Designer's Library; I found out that Space Design is behind those lovely vignettes.

The lobby at The Ace, above, and a beautiful arrangement at The Cleaners, below.

Turns out that they are also the ones behind some of my favorite boutique arrangements as well! Every time I go into Covet; I admire their botanical arrangements. I guess all this time it has been Space Design!

One of my favorite things about living here is that no matter what the design trend is that I spot; I can always circle around to it back home. Thanks Portland!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well; this is quite obviously a spattering of posts based on my awesome thrift-store finds this weekend. I have one last little treasure to share...

A pewter forest-scape complete with a deer family!

This wall is a work in progress; as we continue to collect fun little bits and pieces; I will post the progression :)

Portraits are by Ryan Berkley

Monday, February 8, 2010

DIY Elevated Tray

I like to keep 'emergency backup' of little tidbits like lotion and lip gloss at work. I don't have a drawer to keep them in; so they are currently just scattered all over my desk. Well; I spotted the DIY Cake Stand project over at Design*Sponge quite a while ago and have done it a couple of times for various gifts and whatnot. This seemed like it would be the perfect catch-all for my bits and pieces at work! So, it was off to the thrift store to find a good plate and candle stand/vase. Of course; I didn't only find ONE excellent fit. I ended up making two.

More detailed project steps are available on the Design*Sponge site; but it is a pretty simple project. Just keep in mind that it is NOT dishwasher safe!

I used super glue to affix the candle stick to the silver-plated tray. And, I'll be honest. I'm not really one to measure; this was all eye-balled :)

The tray came a bit tarnished; but I like the age and character the spots give it.

All put together and waiting to go to work with me!

I just fell in love with this mushroom plate when I saw it! There are not any marks on it and it feels brand-new (even thought I'm guessing it is actually from the seventies). It doesn't really match my sunshine-y office; but it will work perfect for home!

This graceful brass candlestick-turned-stand fits beautifully with the mushrooms.

All finished and making itself at home on our bookshelf!

Stay tuned for one more thrifted treasure tomorrow!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thrift Store DIY

Ever since we first drove by; I've been wanting to stop in to St. Vinnie's Thrift Store in Albany. On this lazy super-bowl Sunday; I finally found the time and boy was it worth it!! There is a TON of Danish Mid-Century Modern furniture as well as a good selection of Art-Deco area goodies. I went in search of some materials for a DIY project that I'll show you later this week; but found these great wall sconces while I was there. They were originally brass; which isn't terrible, I have brass ones elsewhere in the house, but I wanted these one black. So, I took advantage of the sunny weather and got to crafting!


I ended up using 3 coats of metallic black spray paint.

After! On the wall of our eat-in kitchen. I sure wish that the wall was a dove gray; but I'm getting used to these white rental walls :)

Up close; you can see the detailing. These are really heavy sconces; I imagine that they could be solid brass. I'm super happy with the way they turned out! quick, easy, and a beautiful result!

Stay tuned for another DIY project later this week!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Estate Jewels

I love estate engagement ring is circa 1930's art deco filigree. Portland has a lovely array of vintage and estate jewelry dealers. Here is a peek of a few of my faviorite baubles from from of the city's best...

Above: 1930's Art Deco. Below: Customized pearl ring. Both from Maloy's.

Above: Edwardian earrings. Below: vintage pendant. Both from Margulis

Ah, all so lovely :) I wish that Gilt had a website with images; it is another favorite of mine; definitely worth the visit next time you're on 23rd. They have a great mix of high and low. I really like the timeless, classic feel of these pieces. I also love the history that comes with it! Just think of the love stories :)