Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beach Boutque Hotel

I love the beach here in the Northwest. Something about sunshine and palm trees just doesn't jive with me when I think 'beach'. Instead, rain, clouds, heavy fog, towering trees and looming mountains with craggy cliffs come to mind as I picture myself cozy with a cup of coffee, a bowl of chowder, a good book and my hubby. This is how the beach should be; all foggy and cuddly. This being said, an old-made-new boutique hotel just opened in Astoria called the Commodore Hotel Astoria. Now Astoria may not be the quaintest of Oregon beach towns, but it is a city on the verge of a transformation; a re-birth from blue collar fishing/logging community to burgeoning tourist town. This hotel looks like a great spot to cozy up with that coffee...if only there was a fireplace in each room...

Developers Paul Caruna and Brian Faherty.

Thanks to Amy for bringing this to my attention!!

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