Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The New Victorian

This is totally new ground for me. Mens fashion. I've taken inspiration from menswear textiles as interior fabrics; but don't usually give a lot of pause to high fashion for men. This new Victorian look, has caught my attention fully. Victorian-era design has influenced a wide aspect of design as of late...think taxidermy and vintage-industrial that has been so popular in recent years; this is just one more piece of the whole antiquarian picture.

Yesterday, I posted about the revival of Tintype photography. These below images are the result of that behind-the-scenes peek at the process. They truly look like they are from the 19th-century...but they're not! These are clothes from the likes of Mark Jacobs, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Orvis, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, right off the runways! They aren't old costumes or 'replicas'; most items are available for purchase at Barney's or Bergdorf's!

I think this one with the bike (from Abici) is so Portland.

Does this not look like a Civil War image? With that military jacket? So cool!

Ah. I think this one may be my favorite. Those boots pulled over the skinny tweed trousers? A manly dandy.

While this may be the very definition of a "Dandy", I can't help but LOVE the rugged outdoors feel of it all. I guess Victorian tradition spun in with a century of fashion evolution begets this lovely time capsule. All images shot by David Sokosh for The New York Times

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Tintype Process

So, in doing some research on an upcoming photo shoot (more details on that later) I cam across this article from The New York Times about how late-19th century fashion is strongly influencing todays menswear. I'm sure you've all noticed the haberdasheries that have begun to pop up in Portland. I promise, I'll dive into details about the fashion tomorrow...but the coolest thing about this article? They shot the pictures in Tintype!! And they show behind-the-scenes of the process! Big-time kudos to the photographer David Sokosh.

The 'portable darkroom' on a WWI-era artillery cart!

The plate being immersed in a bath of silver nitrate

The plate after being exposed, developed, and cleaned. All of this must happen within just 5 minutes of exposure! If the plate dries; it's useless...hence the portable darkroom.

The plates, drying above, and below, being finished with a protective coat of varnish.

The finished, one-of-a-kind original prints. So cool! Be sure to check back tomorrow for details of the fashion in the photos!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


We're off to San Francisco today! I'm so excited; I've never been before! Any suggestions of places that we just can't miss?

Pictures to come soon!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Carolina Herrera Spring 2011 RTW

Fashion Week is in full swing on the East Coast. We have our own mini-fashion week here in Portland; but I still love reviewing the shows as soon as they come up online. The Spring 2011 RTW Carolina Herrera show took my breath away. I just had to share some of my top picks! She had over fifty looks (50!) that were inspired by traditional Korean style and eighteenth-century botanical prints. So simple, bold, and lovely. I would just die for one of those blouses!!

This beautiful pinkish-salmon was a staple throughout; so lovely for Spring!

I think this one may be my favorite (above)

Love the sunglasses with these looks!

Did you see the shoes? Swoon! And this dress below? A work of art!! Hand-lettered calligraphy!

Kudos to Carolina! Oh...and I didn't even mention the wonderfulness of the muted ombre background to the show! *sigh*