Thursday, June 4, 2009

Portland Printing

Portland is home to many printing presses. Below is a selection of some of my favorites in town. Starting off with Oblation which is not only home to beautiful wedding invitations, but also a boutique with a great selection of paper goods from a variety of printers.

Below is Studio Olivine, a press which I first heard about via a sneak-peek on Design*Sponge and was very excited to learn that they are local!

Old School Stationers has got to be one of my very, very favorites. I LOVE the 'creature' and 'camping' series. I have purchased many of their goodies for loved ones.

Proletariat Press is a printer with a mission! Not only do they have great designs, they also have an excellent organization. Find out more here.

I really like all of the peek-a-boo cut-outs featured in Egg Press. The sasquatch is a pretty cool representation of the Northwest too.

Last, no Portland Press entry can be complete without a mention of my beautiful friend Chelsea Parker Guidry of Arugula Press. Below is a peek at her collaboration with Abby Powell Thompson as well as a beautiful wall-hanging available here.


Molly said...

Look at me, reading your blog =)

I heart the pig card, the Big Foot card, and the ones with the birds on the wire. Fun Fun!

kiki said...

this makes me so happy!!