Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kansas Images

My trip to Kansas was very relaxing. I ended up getting a bit sick and wasn't able to do everything I wanted; but got some very special pictures. Below are images from my home church; built at the turn of the nineteenth century.

These images below are the drive out to the church. So many roads near my hometown are still gravel; which makes for some pretty hairy driving when the weather turns.

Above is a pic that DB took of a friend's Red-Tail hawk that they use for hunting. Very interesting; and such a beautiful bird!

Above are a couple of images from a small Mennonite town, Yoder. I was hoping to see a horse and buggy...but no luck this time. Below are shots from the camp I attended as a child. I have lots of good memories running around here; there are so many trees in this little corner of Kansas!


studio m said...

I didn't know you grew up in Kansas! I grew up in S.D.! Love the photos - remind me of home.

kiki said...

you did? wow!! what part?