Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bridal Shower!

Here are some pics from a bridal shower I recently hosted for my BFF. It was an 'iced tea party' and we enjoyed a nice picnic in the park. We got so lucky with some early summer sunshine here in Portland!!

Just a quick side note: when I went to the fabric store and bought all these YARDS of hot-pink burlap...every single person in the store commented "wow! someone finally is buying the hot-pink burlap! that's been here forever, you're the first! what on earth are you going to use it for?" Apparently, hot-pink burlap isn't too popular; but I think this was the perfect use for it!

Above; bird mugs found at various thrift stores through the years. Below; all the guests brought a family heirloom recipe we complied for the bride-to-be.

Above, the spread of food and gifts and up above the paper banner I crafted to add some whimsy.

Above; fresh fruit and a peek at the 'prizes': handmade stationary packaged with tea.

Above; assorted iced teas and below; a glimpse of the paper flowers I crafted for the event. The silver pitcher, above, was another thrift-store find monogrammed with a "B"! Perfect!


Natalie said...

Everything looks so lovely and cheerful. Love it!

Brianna said...

It was beautiful! There were so many special details and the event created such great memories for me. You are the best MoH ever!

Mark and Valerie Brandt said...

Kimberly, you have a gift! Brianna is lucky to have such a talented BFF...