Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog it Forward

Yay! The long anticipated day has finally arrived! Today I am part of a massive blogger mashup organized by the lovely Victoria of sfgirlbybay. Yesterday was Bella Vita, big thanks for linking up to me! Tomorrow will be Bits of Beauty, make sure you take a quick second to check out each terrific blog!

So...this whole thing that is Billede Design is all about the things that inspire me; but when it comes down to it there are certain bits and pieces that I always return to and that is what I'll write about today. I don't know how great of a blogger it makes me to admit this; but I definitely had to start this project the old fashioned way with a real pen (Micron) and real paper; my brain just doesn't flow on a keyboard like it does on paper...


I'm diving right in and starting with what is nearest and dearest to my heart.

I'm not sure exactly what it is that I love about Walker Evans; perhaps it is my Kansas childhood...perhaps it is the tactile quality.
I so admire Avedon's portraiture. I especially love his early fashion work.

Diane Arbus. Capturing the beautiful in the offbeat.

I love film photography; I certainly think there is a time and a place for all the amazing things that can be done digitally today, but film holds a special place in my heart and it is the medium I choose to work with (when I get a choice...) Stay tuned for some shots from one of the first roles of film shot with my new-to-me Hasselblad.


I've had the opportunity to see a few Dutch Still Lifes at various museums around the world and each time I encounter one; I'm totally entranced. I love the darkness contrasted with the light. The skulls against the florals.

Adriaen Van Utrecht

On a much brighter note,
Amy Ruppel is always a local favorite of mine.

Lisa Congdon. I have GOT to have this print. love, love, love it!

I got to take a printmaking class in college and fell in love. One of my favorite Portland presses is Old School Stationaries. We're lucky enough to own this print.


I feel pretty luck to live where we do in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The St. John's bridge in North Portland is especially lovely, captured here by Ar'alani. Being surrounded by such a lovely landscape and such an amazing creative bunch of people is truly inspirational. Check out Urban Weeds for some great local fashion. This segues nicely into my next bit of inspiration:


I love music. Everything about it. A variety of types. Pictures can't explain music so you'll just have to follow the links for my favorites of the moment.

mates of state
the shins
last days of april


I can't even begin on this. It is everything else that inspires my design sense and my photography; I feel like it is all blended into one mashup inside of my head. To dive deeper into what drives my design sense; visit some of the blogs on my ...tidbits...

image from Beach Studios


There is so much more that captivates me; but I can't write about it all in one single day: Typography, calligraphy, and new fonts.
Bookstores, libraries, and periodicals.
FOOD, especially farmers markets, bakeries, and beautifully styled food photography.
Fashion; right now I'm really into East Coast Prep and ballet inspired looks.

and of course, my biggest inspiration of all: my incredibly supportive and talented husband Dave (DB). This is us at Le Pigeon on NE Burnside.

Come back and visit anytime; and don't forget to check out all the other great bloggers on this mashup!


Fringe said...

I think you and I could be great friends. We share many of the same inspirations. Black and white photos move me and inspire me so much.

What a lovely way to "meet" you. You have a beautiful blog....

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i worked with Brian of Old School Stationers at Oblation. He is a great guy, totally old school! glad you have his work.

Tonia said...

lovely inspiration post - this whole chain has been great to follow and take part in - yours I like a lot!

Marisa Midori said...

Great list of inspirations! As a Vancouver-girl, the Pacific Northwest definitely inspires me, too. I hope to visit your beautiful city of Portland one day (this summer, fingers crossed!) Thanks for sharing!

(Oh and I'm glad I got to your blog it forward a bit late because otherwise I wouldn't have seen those amazing Portland posters! Love em).