Monday, January 11, 2010

inspiration from the barre

I'm not sure what piece of this film that I love the most, the feeling of awe you get when you witness history in the making, the haunting music, the transparent ghost-like quality of the film...whatever it is, I find myself returning to this footage of Anna Pavlova dancing in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and each time I draw inspiration. I love that it is one of the first things ever to have been filmed; the weight of that history is enchanting...and I haven't even mentioned the achingly beautiful storyline of the ballet! Perhaps it's my love of all things ballet, or my love of old film; either way, I'm certainly not the only one who has drawn from this genre before!

When I walked into Target the other day and saw these amazing romantic-ballet inspired pieces by Rodarte, my jaw dropped. I can't decide which one I want!!

Above, from a Vogue shoot.
Below, even American Apparel is getting in on the fun!

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David said...

I love the film B! good inspiration!