Tuesday, October 27, 2009


With the holidays swiftly approaching; I've got tableware on my mind tonight! I love arranging tables for dinner parties; if only I could have them more often!! I don't know what it is about pewter serving ware that I am so drawn to. Perhaps its the perfect combination of folk-art and classic beauty that it flawlessly achieves. Or maybe it is the proudly displayed makers-marks that instantly give a new piece a feeling of weight, history, and character. Regardless; it's beautiful. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces from Match. Enjoy!

Look at this lovely collection of candlesticks; just right for Halloween!

This timeless pewter pitcher brings such elegance to this simple arrangement.

I love this wall sconce!

A Pewter wood-grain charger?! Gorgeous!

I think this may just be the perfect bowl for Thanksgiving!

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