Tuesday, January 25, 2011

shopping...in Sweden...

Just spending the afternoon doin' a little real estate shopping. In Sweden. For super expensive apartments. Why not? Sure is beautiful!!

I'm in love with this molding and the modern light fixture. So pretty!

Check out the tile work on that fireplace! I've never seen anything like it in a home!

Sure. I'll take that view!

So, I know I should be worried about the clothes rack in the corner...this means no closets, right? But ya know, I just don't care. It's worth it!! (as if I'm really shopping)

Such a cute kids room! That hot pink fur with the antique lace?!

So, so love this entry way with the tiny strip of wallpaper.

Oh sure. ya. That's the exterior. I'm sure we could swing this building...
all images via Alvhem. Discovered the site via the lovely Victoria.

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