Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So, when I was little, one of my all-time favorite gifts that I received was a Kirsten doll from American Girl. She's retired now and no longer available for purchase, but I sure loved playing with her! The great thing about the American Girl collection is that each doll came with a heritage and a story. Kirsten was an immigrant from Sweden living in 19th-Century Minnesota. Being a girl of varied ancestral descent (but some Swedish in there) and growing up on the plains of Kansas, I felt like I could relate. One year, I dressed up just like the doll in the St. Lucia dress, loopy braids, candle crown and all!

I love all things nostalgic and this doll definitely tops that list! Funny thing is, when I would play, all I was really interested in was setting up a 'scene'. I didn't really act out stories, I would set up all the pretty tiny things into lovely arrangements and place the doll within those scenes. If I needed some bit or accessory that I didnt have, I would improvise with other tidbits I'd find around the house (one of my favorites was the plastic 'center supports' from pizza used as a tiny table).

Any-who, I think it's funny that now I'm working in developing my skills as a photo stylist, and I grew up, essentially, styling little scenes for my dolls. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!! Enjoy the tradtions of the holidays and time with family :)

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