Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fabric Walls!

So, I recently saw the best idea on The Nate Show. I still do not live in an apartment where I can paint the I'm thinking about trying this idea out.

What do you think?? I'm considering just doing half of a wall. I would only do the bottom portion as if I had a chair rail...I don't, but I would put a pretty strip of grosgrain ribbon in its place. I can't find an example of exactaly what I'm thinking of in my I might just need to try it out!!

I love this example from Country Living

I also really like these two fabrics from Ikea.
What do y'all think?? I'm seriously considering doing it...I'll post pics if I do!!

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Jacq said...

Look at you blogging away!! One response to this post - do it! I saw this show too and I plan to do it myself ;)