Monday, September 27, 2010

The Tintype Process

So, in doing some research on an upcoming photo shoot (more details on that later) I cam across this article from The New York Times about how late-19th century fashion is strongly influencing todays menswear. I'm sure you've all noticed the haberdasheries that have begun to pop up in Portland. I promise, I'll dive into details about the fashion tomorrow...but the coolest thing about this article? They shot the pictures in Tintype!! And they show behind-the-scenes of the process! Big-time kudos to the photographer David Sokosh.

The 'portable darkroom' on a WWI-era artillery cart!

The plate being immersed in a bath of silver nitrate

The plate after being exposed, developed, and cleaned. All of this must happen within just 5 minutes of exposure! If the plate dries; it's useless...hence the portable darkroom.

The plates, drying above, and below, being finished with a protective coat of varnish.

The finished, one-of-a-kind original prints. So cool! Be sure to check back tomorrow for details of the fashion in the photos!

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