Monday, August 2, 2010


I just discovered the web page Cardonizer. It showcases the best of business card design...there are so many creative ideas out there; I though this was a pretty fun idea to gather the best all in one spot! I picked out some of my favorite designs below; wish I would've had these to look at when I designed mine a few months ago! It makes me want to start all over with a fresh new crop of ideas :)

I love the laser cut cards!

Moleskin notebook inspired!

I'm a sucker for hand-drawn fonts and this one is a winner in my book!!

I love the texture and simplicity of the black and white here.

and these ones are my very favorite of all! simple, timeless, and that great 'Catch Me if you Can' 60's feel. Tomorrow I'm off to the Design*Sponge Portland meet up! I'm so excited; I'll report back soon with details :)


David said...

hon those last ones are so cool! Somehow I gotta get those instead of the ones I have now :)

studio m said...

I'll be at Alder & Co. tonight, too!!!! Let's make sure to find each other!

Leigha said...

What a great website. I cannot wait to go click around and check out the business cards (there goes two hours...and here comes letterpress envy).

Stacey said...

Excellent idea to put all the creatively designed cards in one spot...going to go check them out.