Saturday, May 23, 2009

Homage to the Swedes!

Maybe it's the little bit of Swedish I have in me, but lately I've been loving a bunch of Swedish designers. Typically known for being stark and modern; I really like the warmth these designers bring to clean design. Below images all found at Cosas.

Lotta Jansdotter is another Swede whose lovely designs make me smile.

Lotta Kuhlhorn's radish teatowls, below, are so much fun! I'd love to snag these if they ever come stateside...found via from Sthlm.

These doormats are so much fun!! I don't know if I want the bunny or the hippo more...both would be so cute in a mud room...or even in a kids bedroom!
Both of these wall stickers, below, are so whimsical! I'd be happy with either one!

And of course, no Swedish design homage can be complete without a mention of ikea...

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