Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Currently, everything in our living/dining room consists of some shade of brown, gold, or black. I love the warm tones and classic feelings these colors create, but I recently spied a sideboard at Ikea in a school-bus yellow. I am so desiring this piece, but the color shock to our tiny apartment may be too much. I am not one to shy away from color, I have turquoise and copper paired with black and white damask for the kitchen, so I have a history with color; I’m not totally neutral. So, with a quick trip to COLOURlovers, I have pulled together yellow with my brown tones

It’s incredible the amount of grey being shown! I so wish we could paint a couple of walls in our apartment a deep charcoal grey. Then the yellow would really pop! I've also been really drawn to navy lately, maybe it's my nautical bent, but I'm loving navy and yellow together; as long as it's not over done.

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David said...

You don't think we could paint a wall or two? I guess that would throw the cat's entire world into a tizy :) I think this looks great bear! Love you!

Hon B