Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thrift Store DIY

Ever since we first drove by; I've been wanting to stop in to St. Vinnie's Thrift Store in Albany. On this lazy super-bowl Sunday; I finally found the time and boy was it worth it!! There is a TON of Danish Mid-Century Modern furniture as well as a good selection of Art-Deco area goodies. I went in search of some materials for a DIY project that I'll show you later this week; but found these great wall sconces while I was there. They were originally brass; which isn't terrible, I have brass ones elsewhere in the house, but I wanted these one black. So, I took advantage of the sunny weather and got to crafting!


I ended up using 3 coats of metallic black spray paint.

After! On the wall of our eat-in kitchen. I sure wish that the wall was a dove gray; but I'm getting used to these white rental walls :)

Up close; you can see the detailing. These are really heavy sconces; I imagine that they could be solid brass. I'm super happy with the way they turned out! quick, easy, and a beautiful result!

Stay tuned for another DIY project later this week!!


David said...

Those look terrific bear! They'll definitely class up the joint :)

Jim & Linda said...

Kim - You are SO creative! Jim and I are hoping to see you and Dave in June - a little road trip. We can visit some of your favorite shops then!