Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I've been spotting succulents and terrariums all over the place lately! I have a mini-terrarium project in the works, but I just couldn't wait to share some the inspiration I've pulled together! Just the other day over at Poppytalk; there was a great post on Succulent bouquets inspired by Flora Grubb.

Be sure to check out their great DIY Project right here.

below, Via Biscuits and Jam

below, Via Greenbriar

I've always loved the terrariums on display at The Ace here in Portland. After a bit of research via the Designer's Library; I found out that Space Design is behind those lovely vignettes.

The lobby at The Ace, above, and a beautiful arrangement at The Cleaners, below.

Turns out that they are also the ones behind some of my favorite boutique arrangements as well! Every time I go into Covet; I admire their botanical arrangements. I guess all this time it has been Space Design!

One of my favorite things about living here is that no matter what the design trend is that I spot; I can always circle around to it back home. Thanks Portland!!

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