Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I need a new tablecloth for fall...but I'm afraid that I may be in a bit of trouble with trying to even remotely match it to my dishes! I need input! Of these top three Etsy table cloths...which one should I get?? I have the turquoise fiesta dishes mixed with copper dinner dishes and black and white damask salad plates. All my mugs and glassware are thrifted. Help me pick!!!

I feel like this pale minty one would match my dishes great; but it's not at all fall. It is also reversible to mint on plain white...certainly the most diverse of my top 3 picks...

Chickens?! I know, right? But the gray...yellow...pink...I really like how 'now' these colors are and I feel like I could easily bring my copper and damask in with this.

So...this one is certainly the most fall of them all, but I'm just not 100% about it...maybe I need to see it in real life? Or do I just need some encouragement in the right direction??

So, this one below isn't actually a tablecloth at all...but a giant dishtowel. Of course it's the exact opposite of what I set out to look for...but I may not be able to pass it up! :)

Ok, so these last three tablecloths I really, really, really love...but they go with nothing else that I have; so I'm putting them out there in hopes they will be just what you are looking for and will find a loving home quickly! They deserve to be loved!

Thanks so much for helping me figure this out!! Maybe the solution is just to buy dishes for every season!!


Jo and Li said...

I really like the mint one at the top and the bad girl towards the bottom! :) I think it's fun to have bright colors during the fall and winter. You could have a centerpiece with a burnt orange color if you got the minty one. That might transform it entirely.

Mark and Valerie Brandt said...

I like the chickens. It says Fall and Kimberly all at the same time! And, I think it would look great with your dishes!

Brianna said...

Random retro was my fav!