Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Addictive Click Art

I originally spotted this on sfgirlbybay and have had so much fun with it! Nonsek is a website where you can design your own one-of-a-kind (most likely) graphic tee. Here is the description from the site:

The Nonsek Machine generates rare and random graphic remixes with a simple click of a button. You don’t like what you see? Click again. It doesn‘t cost anything, and won’t hurt one bit. Give it a try! Trust us, you’ll hit on an “OMG I gotta have it!” graphic remix in just a few spins. And when you do, we’d suggest that you save it to your cart (you can always remove it later), or risk losing it forever! You see, there’s a KAJILLION-TO-ONE chance (give or take) that the same combination will ever spin up again.

This is really, really fun, and really addictive! It's amazing what combing great graphics and pop colors can do. Every single one isn't a winner, but when you happen upon one that is; it's truly magical!

Have fun clicking!

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