Friday, November 12, 2010

Norsk Home

I found this website and I am in LOVE. You'll probably see more favs in the future. I'm like 90% confident that it is Norwegian?? But I could be wrong...if anyone out there knows the language, let me know! I wish I had the story behind this space, but alas...I cannot read the accompanying words :) The pictures speak lovely!

I never would've thought that I would like this shade of green, but I do! I love it!

These suitcases are so cute! And the striped wallpaper (below)? Swoon!

I love this chair. The color, the texture, the blanket in the foreground, the bar cart next to it. Just love!! Now, can anyone speak Norsk??


................................... said...

Thats swedish; you can tell because there are none of these: "ΓΈ", there are verbs ending in 'a', and it says sverige a lot (which is the swedish word for sweden).

studio m said...

The website link's giving me an error :(

kiki said...

oh no! thank you :) i've fixed in now...and thanks sunshine for the Swedish lesson ;)